Tips to Create Wedding Menu

Tips to Create Wedding Menu

When it comes to a wedding, everyone wants their special day to be perfect. Food and drinks are one of the most important things about the wedding plan. While making the wedding menu, you have to keep in mind the taste, the items and the presentation; people eat what their eyes desire.

When it comes to Indian Weddings, the wedding menu is the most important and the most challenging part. It becomes more challenging due to the different opinions and cultures of the people. There may be people at the wedding wanting non-vegetarian food and people who want pure vegetarian items.

Food being the most looked upon and judged by the guests at an Indian wedding, it becomes all the more important to put extra efforts into the menu. Also, a groom and bride will also want to cater to your friends; you may also have some non-Indian friends who will surely be looking for something other than an Indian meal.

There are a few tips which should be specially focused on:

Options available during the Wedding Season

Consider the season of the month you are getting married. Choosing the menu from the seasonal items available will cost less as well as will be fresh. The menu will also depend upon the season’s need, for e.g., a summer wedding will need Iced tea, lemon soda, chicken, fish and all the lighter food items and refreshing cold drinks.

But the need for a winter wedding will be heavier and hot, such as steaks, Hot chocolate, creamy soups, coffee, etc. While choosing the menu, the theme of your wedding should also be considered.

The Serving Style

There are five main ways by which foods can be served at a wedding. Buffet plated meals, family-style, heavy appetizers served by waiters, serving stations. One must select the style, keeping in mind the space available and the theme of the wedding.

Choose the wedding reception venue and have a meeting with your wedding caterer to look around the room layout, their staff’s working style, and your budget and choose the best-suited serving style for your wedding.

Consider your favorites

It’s your wedding, and it’s your day. All the guests should be served with brides and grooms’ favorite. You should include those that you want to share with your guests too. The day should be special for you and your partner, including surprise items, like a food item you had on your first date.

Consider food allergies.

It is better to have more options so that your guest can choose other items if they have an allergy to any item.


The meal should be delicious but also presentable. People do think if it looks good, it tastes good. If the presentation can be done according to the theme, it will make it more creative. The perfect presentation brings a special touch to the whole wedding.

Try including different country dishes.

A wedding is a big deal, people coming may like different dishes, like Italian, Chinese, Mughlai. Try including a few items from each making it different. Also, an Indian wedding is an affair of 3 days or more, which can be made more interesting, having different cuisine on different occasions.

These are a few tips for making your special day’s menu perfect. Make it your own way; at the end of the day, it’s your wedding, and it’s your big day.